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Beyond Imagination Chapter 9:
Community: Realizing the Synergy of Group in a Practical Way

By Wayne Hartman

Community is where people live; where they work, learn, play, and otherwise interact with one another. This is also where many derive their meaning in life in terms of the role they play within this larger whole. Because my own nature has been so solitary, I'm in a position to understand what is missing from my own experience and from my observation of others. I've often wondered about what credentials I had for playing the role of designer of communities for the Aquarian Age. I can only conclude that it comes either from past lives or from other realms. But, I know this is what I do, so let's get on with it.

Community involves how people live and function in groups. One of the main reasons we do things in groups is because it is more effective than doing the same things individually. The increase in effectiveness is primarily a cost consideration, and sometimes a time consideration. A second reason for living in groups is to enable tasks to be done on a large scale that might not have otherwise been done. A third reason is to facilitate social interactions between people for a variety of reasons. A fourth reason for living in groups is that it facilitates getting the needs of every individual met. A fifth reason, the greatest of all, is that it allows a synergy to be created that enables the expression of higher levels of spirit needed to bring forth the ideas and principles that will allow spirit to be more fully enfleshed in preparation of the coming Age of Aquarius. The bottom line is that it is more elegant for individuals to function in unison with one another -- and the universe naturally evolves toward more and more complexity and more and more elegance to accompany the complexity.

Sizes and Location of Communities

Our present communities are cities and towns, or neighborhoods within such organizations. There typically is no social reason for various boundaries. Sometimes there are ethnic groupings within particular areas, but this does not constitute an acceptable reason for creating a division. For the most part, people do not know very many of their neighbors because the location of lodging was chosen based on availability, general neighborhood considerations, and cost. Specific neighbors are basically strangers who happen to live close to you. The frequency with which people move has a lot to do with the current situation. When a person or family stayed in the same small town or small area within a larger city all of their life, there was time to establish friendships and relationships -- especially before TV became so prominent. Many people don't get out as much to socialize and interact with each other anymore. Now, the pace of life is hectic, and many people move every few years. Even those that remain in the same place seem relatively isolated because the place changes so much around them. Much of our need for safety is centered around our homes and the immediate areas around them. I was going to say neighborhoods, but it is not clear that the areas around most of us constitute true neighborhoods where people act in a neighborly manner toward one another.

It is not clear that we are meant to live in structures as large as cities. The very size and density of such large places are beyond comprehension. There is not enough space for our auras and energy fields to keep their distance from one another. People are simply packed too tightly together. Large cities are the result of carrying a growth principle too far. Yes, economies come from doing things on a large scale. However, there are also principles that limit growth. These show up as the problems that face many of the major cities in this country - - joblessness, slums, crime, garbage, mental illness, violence.

So, what can be done? How do we create better structures? We start by looking at life from a higher perspective. We look at the full range of interactions, services, and structures required for people to function as an interconnected, interdependent whole. Yes, people need a place to live that is affordable. But, it should also be convenient to the range of services that each person needs to exist and to pursue happiness. Schools, recreation areas, community centers and shopping areas should be close, preferably within walking distance. Where possible each community should be as self-sufficient as practical in terms of services provided and services consumed. This includes sufficiency in food and in disposal of garbage.

What size is optimal depends on the needs of the particular individuals involved. We will always have our hermits. They need to exist alone or in single family units. The extended family unit is the next expression and this may range from 8 to as many as 100 or so. Extended families may occur along physical or spiritual lines. They are joined together by a desire to interact strongly with one another. Depending on needs, interests, and larger purpose these families may choose to live in isolation or as a piece of a larger social grouping. Up to 100 or so family groupings may be brought together to form the fist level of community. If people were able to choose what community they belong to, rather than being forced into it, or taking one because that's where they find a house or apartment, that alone would make for a much safer life.

Much of this will need to be worked out via prototyping. The specific sizes should be determined by what is required to make the infrastructure efficient and make the lifestyle the most elegant. Structures must accommodate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of the people. Further, they must allow for a much greater degree of creative expression.

Locations of communities should be chosen for their ability to meet all needs of the particular communities but especially for their ability to activate the spiritual energies of people. This will allow the work of the community to manifest most effectively. There are special people who can see the energy fields and grid lines important to such alignments. These individuals should be called on in helping to determine where the communities should be built.

Consciousness works far faster than we can, not being subject to the limits of space and time. The plans have already been made, the sites are already chosen, and the cities are already laid out. We have only to increase our own level of consciousness to be able to tap into this. Somehow the work must be done physically to make it so. Yet, I'm not so sure that this will be done in our current physical dimension. We will definitely experience dramatic changes in our living arrangements on this planet, but, not necessarily because we physically change our current setting. The impression I get is that this is just a setting on the stage, and that the stage has several slots on which construction of sets can take place. Our current act, the Piscean Age, ends shortly. We are in the midst of the final times of Revelation now. While this era closes, it's important for consciousness to grow and understand what the age was all about, and to learn what life will be like under the Aquarian Age that lies ahead. In particular, we need to understand the nature of Light and choose to follow the Light with us. Most importantly, we need to understand, Unconditional Love, the largest lesson that Jesus came to demonstrate. And, in learning about these things we need to take the next step and live in accord with these teachings.

Tasks and Functions of Communities

1. Provide the infrastructure for meeting the needs of individuals.

We've talked about this already. The means for society to discharge this responsibility is through the local community wherever possible. This means each individual community needs to meet individual needs through the infrastructure by itself, or by including others that will use the infrastructure. Some services may not be required on a full-time basis. The way for getting the unique services of special people may be by bringing them in when they are required.

  • Health care professionals ought to be readily available to everyone, along with training that emphasizes physical health. In addition, pools, gymnasiums, athletic fields and courts, and parks should be part of every community.

  • Educational facilities should be part of every community. These should include rooms of various sizes, libraries that include computers with on-line access to information, stages and theaters for staging dramatic and musical productions of various types.

  • Social facilities should be part of every community. These should include performing arts centers for accommodating larger events and recreation centers and resources for people with like interests to pursue their common interests. In addition community centers should allow people to voice their concerns and opinions to the government on any issues they find important.

  • Transportation and a mechanism for efficient distribution of goods are essential components of the infrastructure that society must provide to meet the needs of individuals. Individual cars are not the answer or even part of the answer for how this should be done. There are much better ways to accomplish the functions of moving people where they want to go and goods where they are needed. The specific solution will depend on a variety of factors related to the community size, layout, and expected travel patterns. Here as elsewhere, the specifics should be worked out by the best and brightest for the range of community types and then the appropriate infrastructures should be laid out when new communities are built.

2. Provide the infrastructure for facilitating individuals in accomplishing their purposes.

This one's a little more difficult. It requires that more attention be paid to individuals in areas that have typically been considered private in the past. To even begin to do this, we need to use the education process to train people more about the nature of reality and about how the mind works. Education primarily impacts the mind. The mind is a very complex entity, that usually builds a shell of protection around itself. We typically do not take readings of minds to see where they are at or if they might need some help. This results in most people operating on faulty programs at far less than their innate potential. To fix this problem, we need to somehow get individuals out of their shells, interact or test them in some way, then provide feedback in terms of information, beliefs, techniques, and exercises that might be helpful.

  • As a minimum, there should be a Mentor assigned to assist each individual, and there should be a counselor available on an as needed basis, but also responsible for a quarterly evaluation. This would allow needs for further service to be identified in a timely manner so that they could be provided when required. Such assignments should take into considerations the needs, abilities, and purposes of both individuals. In some cases, the same individual may be the mentor for several individuals who have related needs. In other cases, for people with special gifts and purposes, more than one mentor may be needed to provide the required service.

  • There should also be a place where individuals can go when they experience spiritual growth. This would be a hospital for the spirit, where one is given what is needed to integrate the experience and feel whole again. Since this will be happening on a massive scale, we may want the educational facilities to be used instead of any medical facilities. In my recent spiritual awakening, I was shocked at the lack of spiritual service provided. Official medical science is not yet ready to acknowledge such changes. They look primarily to a physical cause. It's not at all clear that the physical symptom is not the effect rather than the cause. Further, in the case of spiritual changes, it is not clear that it is important to treat the symptom at all, for this may go away in its own right as the psyche adjusts to its higher state of awareness.

    I know this is a relatively new area of experience, at least in terms of large numbers of people experiencing it. Mystics in all religions have been experiencing the states of mind that accompany spiritual awakening for many centuries, if not for millennium. It wasn't until the heavy drug experience of the 60's that significant numbers of people got into these states. Unfortunately, drugs alter one's state whether or not the psyche is ready for the experience. This in turn burns out various brain pathways because the current is too great for the circuits.

    When the growth is from a natural experience, the intensity is contained in a manner that opens new circuits but does not overload the system. Further, the psyche is taken forward at a pace that it can handle. The psyche may still find the going difficult, and may take awhile to adjust, but it will be able to adjust and operate from the new reality.

3. Support mutual beneficial interactions with other communities.

The whole society is a cooperatively interdependent grouping of communities -- and hence a cooperatively interdependent collection of individuals. Communities could be considered to be societies in their own right. To support the whole society, each community must function in a manner that cooperates with its neighbor communities in the same manner that individuals function within a single community. Different communities may have different functions and responsibilities as part of a larger whole. Individual purposes for those within a community should align to create one or more higher purposes as well. These higher purposes will typically involve others from other communities, and perhaps will involve a large network of cooperating individuals involved in the same task. In general, whatever connections between communities allow mutual beneficial interactions or make for a more elegant society will come to be. Evolution in accord with the Plan demands it.

Some of the major interactions between societies include exchange of information, exchange of individuals or small groups of individuals, exchange of services, cooperative endeavors, and tourism and travel.

  • Exchange of information involves just that, sharing of whatever information is generated or received by one another. Since each community is only a piece, each has only a local picture of the whole. Through sharing, each community is able to extend its boundaries to a larger world that at least extends to its neighbor communities neighbors.

  • Exchange of individuals or small groups of individuals provides a means of sharing a greater deal of information between communities. This includes first hand information about lifestyles and values. In addition, ideas embodied in human form have much more detail and dimensionality than anything we can put on paper or pass through our communications mediums at the present time. People are carriers and conveyors of information but they are also carriers of light -- spirit. In this capacity they have much that can be shared.

  • Exchange of services facilitates specialization allowing communities to focus on particular jobs in line with their purposes, while they leave other jobs for other communities that they have established relationships with. In many cases this allows an economy of scale to be realized as well. However, this only works well when an efficient distribution system is in place between communities. This is a small price to pay for the freedom from having to do everything locally.

  • Cooperative endeavors are activities where two or more communities cooperate and work together on something. This can be done whenever the desire is there to do so. These might be for work, education, play ... or for anything desired by the parties involved. These should be encouraged to forge strong connections with others at the community level.

  • Tourism and travel between communities should be encouraged and supported. Lifestyles from one community to the next may be very different. Those who choose to travel and experience these cultural differences firsthand should be free to do so. In fact, this activity should be subsidized because of the stories it will bring back to the community. People shouldn't be forced to travel, though they should be encouraged to do so.

4. Support accomplishment of assigned tasking in accord with the Plan.

Communities have assigned purposes and tasking in accord with the Plan, just as individuals do. Accomplishing this tasking is the major function for any community. One part of this tasking is taking care of the individuals within the community. The higher part of the tasking is to fulfill some larger function within the greater body of society. Part of this function may be found in names, such as the City of Brotherly Love for Philadelphia. In other cases, it may be found in nicknames. In many cases, it may not be found at all. This higher level function will not be expressed until the community is operating from the right frame of being.

Communities are organs within a greater whole. They have a vitality and function of their own. As organizations of human beings, their potential for creative activity is tremendous. It's only a matter of achieving the right internal structure and organizations so that the talents of individuals can be synergistically applied toward the proper activities.

This is easier said than done, especially when human beings are independent entities who frown whenever any of their supposed freedoms are taken away. If only they knew how chained they truly are to things that are of limited value. If they knew, the incitement for change would quite literally blow the country apart. Thinking we are free does not make it so.

First Steps: Where to Start

Start by creating a community of one. Get the parts of yourself together and find a way to integrate them into the unique being that you are. Identify what makes you free, in what areas you are free, and what areas you are not free. Do whatever it takes to make yourself whole and complete, and be whom that you truly are. Chapter 12, Knowing Thyself, might be of use since you may need to learn about yourself.

Next, start gathering people around you that you want to be around -- not that you have to be around, and not people who happen to be around by chance or circumstance. It's your choice.

Decide who you will be around. Remember, however, they have choice too, so the desire should be mutual -- between friends. It is easiest to start doing this after you have some insight as to why you are here.

Once you've started to gather people around you, whether this be one or many -- get together and figure out jointly what you can do together, and what you are meant to do together. You may need some outside help and guidance for this depending on the makeup of your group. Since I'm making this up as I go, there is no one specific I can refer you to, though by the time you read this I'm sure that I'll know. If you get this far and can't figure it out, contact Beyond Imagination for addition material in this area including information on workshops. I'd start with exploring ways to work together to meet the consolidated needs of all individuals, or to achieve projects of interest to the group.

Where possible, optimize how the special skills and talents of each individual are used. Also, ensure that benefits that accrue from group activities are distributed in a manner that is fair to all members. This does not mean equally. Fairness and balance are the key operating principles.

If you can get a large enough group together and have the appropriate resources, either takeover someplace that is already built and adapt it to your specific needs or start from scratch to design how you want your space optimally arranged. Where possible think in terms of creating a sacred space, for this will imbue the whole enterprise with added spiritual energy.

Since many of our interactions are informational, it may not be important that the group one lives with is also the group one works with. This is primarily determined by how closely people need to work together to get their assigned part of the work done. The closer the work requirements, in general, the closer people should live together as well.

Larger Steps: Government Involvement in Prototype Communities

Disney's EPCOT center was envisioned to be the prototype community of tomorrow. Sorry, but it's basically an amusement park. However, the idea is right on. It is time to seriously look at how our communities have evolved over the past 200 years and realize that it's time for a massive change. The structures that have worked in the past aren't working anymore, they've evolved into dinosaurs that should be allowed to die and be replaced by something more fitting for this day and age. The Government should have the lead role in designing prototype communities that show us what can be and work out any design tradeoffs and issues.

The first step is defining the requirements for what should be. To start with this involves identifying the range of sizes for communities and the different sets of needs that each community must meet. At a higher level, this involves identifying how the entire country might be arranged into interrelated networks of communities where each network carries out particular functions. This requires having some picture about how the whole will be organized, and what its constituent parts will be. It is not clear that this level of detail is known at present. Perhaps the best we can do is start by working with groups of people who want to start new communities, derive requirements from what the entire group needs and what it plans to do, and design the appropriate infrastructure. The government should fund these prototypes to learn what works and what doesn't. The idea is that we want a test case that allows the bugs to be worked out before implementing these communities on a mass scale. We may need test cases to identify what sizes are right and what increments of infrastructure make the most sense.

Besides infrastructure, until we see some major spiritual growth, some exploration of what rules and regulations are required to maintain peace, order, and proper functioning within the community will need to be done. Government still has a role to play in this area, and the appropriate attention must be given to what kind of government can best get the job done. The ideal case would be to have no government required because each individual is spiritually governed. However, to be practical, right now we need government direction to fill in for the lack of individual spiritual direction. Once again, this can only be resolved by looking at the specific needs for representative example communities. Something on the order of a Constitutional Convention may be required to truly address this, for the potential changes go to the very core of our system of government. Its almost as if rather than a nation of states, we're about to become a nation of communities that have particular functions. Further, it may not be the places where communities are located that is of the most importance -- but the functions they perform and the relationships they have to others.

Until we know what some of these functions are and the specific communities that we are dealing with, we're working somewhat in the blind.

Perhaps I should step back a bit and look at what is practical now. Minor changes to current structures are reasonable. Minor movement of people are reasonable. Small groups joining together in alternative lifestyles are reasonable. Some educational changes are reasonable. Economic changes are a stretch but somewhat within reason. Major governmental change is needed but it will take some effort to bring about. Overall, the prospects look relatively dismal.

From another level, however, the Plan is what is driving the show. Per the Plan, the Aquarian Age is just around the corner. The problem comes in trying to work too much on the details of how to go from where we are now to where we need or want to be. This has gotten me into trouble before. The trick is to not get wrapped up in the how of things. We need to clearly decide what needs to be done, and then allow the how to manifest in a manner that is most appropriate. The bottom line is that we will have incentives, massive incentives, that move us toward the society and types of communities that we have been talking about. Exactly when this will manifest is in accord with the timing of the Plan.

Those of us who believe in what is unfolding regarding the birth of the Aquarian Age can do what we came to do to prepare ourselves, others, our country, and our world. The way we do this is one step at a time; making ourselves whole, finding a way to get outside the present economic system so that we can work on the tasks we are here to do, and then starting to collect people around us that are part of our spiritual family. Those of us interested in establishing larger groups to fulfill higher functions will do so. When the time is right, a new City of Light will be established as a community of Lightworkers. Those who are ready will be drawn to the city to perform functions in accord with their purpose. Each individual is encoded with the knowledge required and will be linked and aligned with spirit. The City of Light will function as a society with a binding contract between the citizens of the city.

OK, I got a bit esoteric but we are starting to touch on my purpose for being here. This City of Lightworkers will be realized on this planet, and probably within the United States. One of my purposes is to help to make it so in whatever way my talents, abilities, and energies allow. We need a prototype city to serve as the physical manifestation of what can be. This demonstration is required for the further manifestation of spirit in this world. Even a single city of this type will be an enormous fountain from which increased spiritual energy can flow throughout the world. I'm sure that some of you reading this now already know that you are destined to be part of this great new adventure in living.

Depending on what happens in the government in the next few years, we may or may not see official government involvement in these activities. If the government does not move in the appropriate direction, it may be up to private individuals and groups of individuals to take charge at a local level and create the conditions necessary to allow the required prototypes to be built. The bottom line is that spirit based society is an idea whose time has come, and there is nothing on Earth that will be able to stop it from manifesting. The dream is alive. The castle is in the air. All that's left to do is to build the foundation under it, a task well within our means at this time on this planet. The only real choice is when. I would prefer NOW, but I'm not the playwright, consciousness is. It will happen when the time is right, as does everything.

Overall, there are many alternatives. Our job as lightworkers is to choose whatever ones appear to be right whenever it is time to make the decisions. We control our destiny. We collectively are society. Banded in groups of tens, hundreds, and thousands -- the spiritual energy that results from the synergy of our society will be simply beyond imagination. It's potency will be such that the change that manifests will be wondrous to behold. We are gods in the making. When aligned with spirit what we can do will be miraculous.

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