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Beyond Imagination Chapter 8:
Manifesting Spirit in Flesh

By Wayne Hartman

Everything written thus far and to be written in this book has this as a central theme. How do we restructure ourselves, our lives, and our society so that spirit can be more fully expressed in flesh? This is the one question that I personally came to answer, or at least to work on to whatever degree I am able. Finding ways to do this on a global scale is why I am here, my personal purpose. However, I am learning to, so the best I can offer is whatever I can bring forth of the Vision being revealed to me. I make no claims as to its absolute correctness. I only offer to express as best I can what I know and what I believe to be true. The proof comes only through experience and many of the things that I state have yet to be tried in our world. My inner sense is that much of it has worked elsewhere, or has been worked out by Consciousness. However, I won't know for sure what is right until I can see the pattern that results in practice and compare it with a pattern in my head.

To some degree we are all manifesting spirit in flesh at all times. Spirit is what gives us that special force called life. For most people, however, spirit is just a small spark within them. It's always there, but is barely there -- hence has a very limited expression. At the other extreme, we have souls like Mahatma Gandhi, who allowed that spark within them to grow into a very large flame allowing his presence to affect a great many people in very beneficial ways. At the very extreme, we have true spiritual masters such as Jesus, and Buddha. These beings were truly enlightened ones in flesh. They offer shining examples of what we may all become.

The Aquarian Age beckons, but we cannot enter it until we find the way to allow our sparks to grow and enlarge within us. This can only happen in an environment of truth. An environment where information is the property of all; not hidden, suppressed, or otherwise kept in secret from others. As the saying goes: the truth shall set you free. Without truth, there can be no true freedom. Freedom requires the ability to access information and act upon that information. This alone would crumble the present economic systems and governments. Truth and free information take away any competitive edge over one's competitors. Taking away the various levels of classification of information does the same thing for governments. It's time to grow up and stop playing such childish games. After all, we're here for a momentous occasion in the history of consciousness -- one that beings from many worlds are here to watch. Yet, most of us don't have a clue as to what is going on. This has to change, and soon. The Age of Aquarius is just around the corner. Literally, it's only a slight shift away, if only we would have the spiritual eyes to see.

So, how does one get spiritual sight. It all starts with insight, seeing inside oneself, paying attention to the true you that is observing all of this and trying to offer guidance if only we would listen. Some talk about an inner voice or an inner knowingness. Some see spiritual guides of various types. Some have hunches or intuition about things. The key in bringing out any of this is quiet time, without distractions, when we can get in touch with who we really are. We are not our bodies, nor our emotions, nor our minds. We are beyond all of these. We are spirits who brought these things into being so that we could play a role within physical reality that would allow us to learn something we needed to know about ourselves. It's all a play of light where consciousness creates and learns of itself through its creations.

However, before we can go beyond something, we must be comfortable within it. We must learn how we manifest our bodies; for it is our beliefs, choices, and actions which sculpt this body that is the vehicle through which we express physically. Similarly, it is our beliefs, choices, actions, and interpretations that determine how we feel about ourselves and the events in our world.

Our body, including our brain, is the temple through which we express spirit. It is the only flesh there is in which to house whatever part of our soul can be expressed through this form. At the very least, it must be treated with respect. One doesn't desecrate temples, so we shouldn't desecrate our bodies in any way either. There are no standards or ideals which apply to everybody in this area. It is up to each individual to find out and know what is right for them. Health of body and mind are key indications that one is operating within an acceptable range. The right thing is to do what feels right for you, without harming yourself or others in any way. Perfect health or perfect shape is not important. As soul is able to more fully enter into the body, it will have the innate wisdom to create the conditions that are most appropriate.

Society has a large role to play in this because it teaches us most of what we believe in this area. Food producers and advertising have a responsibility here as well. They should not be training or encouraging us to consume products that desecrate the temple. This is a crime for religious temples. Why should such desecration not also be a crime for the most intimate spiritual temples, our bodies?

Few of us get any real training in the area of dealing with emotions. That is, unless we are emotionally disturbed or have major emotional problems. Much of mental health really deals with emotional health and the ability to deal in a sane way with various emotions. This is compounded by the fact that people feel and deal with emotions differently. For the most part, emotions tell us something about how we are interpreting actions or events in our world. They are feelings that correspond to a tone or frequency. They should cause us to look at our own beliefs and how they lead to the particular interpretation. To avoid problems, however, there must be suitable outlets for emotions that prevent too many from being repressed. Feeling an emotion doesn't have to be a prolonged activity; that is, unless it's enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with feeling something, realizing it quickly, and moving on to the next feeling. It's useful to notice the states that one goes through and the states that one stays in. The object is to stay in states you like, states that are beneficial, and much as you can; and to pass through disempowering or disagreeable states more quickly. One must not take this too far, to avoiding these kinds of states altogether. After all, these states have their uses as well.

Our schools primarily focus on training the mind, and then mainly the left brain. However, they do a very poor job overall. The right brain is the most important component to spirit being enfleshed. Logic and rationality have their uses. We have whole systems of science and technology set up primarily on what the left brain has produced. What most people fail to see, however, is that it wasn't all logic and rationality. In nearly every great scientist, there was a strong intuitive and creative side that was an integral part of genius. Further, nearly all great discoveries and advances came from an insight or aha that only the right brain could generate.

The brain is extremely complex. Functionally it has capabilities far vaster than any machines we can even think of. It's not clear that the brain will ever be able to understand itself. However, it can try and in doing so get some type of picture of how it works. In the west, our thoughts about the mind go back to the early Greeks. Socrates and Plato shaped much of the direction that western thought was to follow for many centuries. We're still influenced by these great men and their thoughts, over twenty centuries later.

Note: Unlike our own machines, the brain comes with no operations manual. As far as I know, there is no users guide. Each of us is unique -- especially in this area. For the most part, we are on our own to discover what it can do and how to control it to do these things in pursuit of the aims and goals that we set.

Many people have come up with insights about how the brain works that are applicable to the general population. I don't like to repeat what others have done nor do I tend to remember specifics so I'd prefer to state only those things I have figured out myself or that have somehow become part of my belief system.

There is a part of the brain that is responsible for self- actualizing. We are designed for a purpose, and this part knows what we must do to fulfill that purpose. The reward for achieving this is great joy, happiness and fulfillment. In most people, this part never activates because the prerequisite conditions are never met. At least, such has been the case for a long time. In the Aquarian Age, this will change so that self- actualization comes to everyone. Part of the challenge of society is how to structure itself so that self-actualized people can work effectively using their talents for what they as individuals came to express.

Maslow defined a hierarchy of needs of individuals. It's a good one that makes a lot of sense but I don't remember it and don't care to look it up. It deals more with the kinds of needs that we address earlier in Chapter 2. Some mechanism in the brain enforces that hierarchy so that individual actions are in line with meeting the needs hierarchy. However, we're at a level of development as a society, where all of the basic needs should be met for everyone as a matter of society's responsibility to its individuals. If we can't sign up to this, there is simply no hope.

The brain is where our map of reality is created, along with all the rules for interpreting the meaning of events or circumstances that we experience. In addition, it is where many of our programmed actions and responses are stored. However, it is not clear exactly what constitutes reality. Much of what we experience is inner, thoughts and emotions that convey meaning. Much like a robot, our only outer connections are through sensors that sense the world and effectors that take physical action in the world. To a large degree, we sit as this program inside that is observing ourself and the information from our sensors regarding both the world and the effects of our actions. Some of the information we observe is information about the physical world, but much of it is information about information. To a large degree, we are nothing but generators, receivers, and processors of information. One of the key aspects of the processing is assigning appropriate meaning. A second key aspect is in how we focus the processing.

Our free will comes in how we assign meaning, and how we focus the processing. At least it appears that we have control over these two things. Perhaps it is more correct to say that we can gain control over these two things. The goal is to allow spirit to program or at least influence the programming of these areas. As we grow from baby to adult, much of this programming is established by society in the form of values and beliefs about reality that we pick up from our family, friends, teachers, and others in the larger social environment as we are growing up. Very little freedom remains with the individual, primarily because there is no training given in how the mind functions, so most people don't know that they operate from a program. The program is not bad overall, it provides an effective means for running the machine. What is bad, is not realizing that we are the programmers -- and not being given the training necessary to allow us to gain in proficiency at this activity. On second thought, as with computers, it may be that only some have the natural skills and talents to be self-programming. Another group has the talents and skills to do this programming for others. Nature is efficient at things like this. Why have all do something that could more easily be done by a smaller group as a specialized service.

Per the consensus society, reality creation is left to God or to nothing. Reality interpretation is black and white -- there is only one reality, anything else that might be perceived is simply illusion. This is far too limited and rigid for something as complex and as flexible as consciousness to live within! This is not an acceptable view of reality creation for those who would be co-creators in the Aquarian Age.

The fact is that each of us truly does create our own reality. We are the consciousness within the box and we experience by focusing and defocusing our attention, by interpreting information that we focus on, and by planning and stimulating action in the world either by generating information or by physical action. It is not clear how much consciousness resides in the mind. However, all of physical consciousness is expressed within the mind. The ego part of consciousness is most closely tied to maintaining the physical connection with the world. The mind is larger than the ego. Getting beyond ego is a major step for physical consciousness. However, the ego is not fixed, so there is always an ego to get beyond. To some degree, this is how consciousness grows. The ego, the "I", is the present aware physical consciousness, the primary interpreter of reality for the physical being. It contains the will, and is empowered to focus attention and take action -- being the controller for the physical interface so to speak. For spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh, the functions of other parts of the brain need to be accepted by the ego as valid sources of information and trustworthy interpreters of reality.

Each time the ego changes, it goes through a transition similar to death. What it was ceases to be, and it is now something new.

For those on a spiritual path, this happens many times. In some cases, this is experienced as a rebirth -- be it religious or in a social sense. Drastic changes are very jarring and may require some time or therapy to come to grips with. Drugs and sudden events may trigger ego changes as well. Ego changes are a natural part of spiritual emergence. As we come closer and closer to the time of transition, we'll see more and more of these changes occurring throughout the country -- then, throughout the world. In particular, key world leaders will have such experiences to prepare them for the changes the will see in the world, and for the new type of actions that will provide the only real solutions. As I've said before, in some areas we have no choice, the play will unfold as written in accord with the Plan. For this to happen, players with the key roles have to undergo the necessary character development. The specifics are left to choice and free will, put the basics are already planned.

When we chose this existence, and the potential parts we might have, a good deal of our free will was executed. Once the part was selected our job was to be a good actor and play the role as best we could.

At some point, the truth of reality creation must be understood. This requires more than realizing that one can decide on something and take action to make it so. What is necessary, is coming to grips with the idea that we create it all; that everything in our reality is our construction, by ourselves and jointly with others. The mechanisms for this are all within what we presently understand. All the pieces are there. Between what science has done regarding understanding the physical world outside of us and what metaphysics has done to understand the inner world, all that is necessary for conscious transformation is known. However, a vehicle was required to make this understanding physical -- to really get it into flesh. The truth is that we have always created our reality. That's why it is our reality. The mechanism has not been understood very well, but it has been there all along. I'll deal with the techniques for reality creation in a future chapter. However, it's important to understand how this relates to expressing spirit in flesh to ever greater degrees.

The Nature of Spirit

I'm rapidly reaching the conclusion that spirit expresses as consciousness. Consciousness is without form, it is thought stuff, ideas, vibrations, frequencies. Form is the same kind of stuff only denser and operating at different frequencies. The part of consciousness that is physical is split into approximately three divisions: a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, and a superconscious mind each of which operate at different frequencies and in different ways. All of these parts of the mind are fed by frequency connections that transfer information.

  • The conscious mind is associated with the ego. It stores information and beliefs about reality based on the direction and conclusions of the ego. It operates logically with little to no connection to the right brain unless the individual has natural talents that rely on the right brain. The ego, as the will, can program the conscious mind to do things through goals and objectives, values, and beliefs. It also is the primary experiencer of reality. However, the ego's major growth comes through death experiences.

  • The subconscious mind is associated with the emotions. It processes information about events, interpretations, feelings, and decisions or choices. It reveals important and meaningful information through dreams that is intended to be healing or helpful to the personality. When dreams aren't listened to they become more intense, and keep doing so until the message gets across. The subconscious has other modes of expression through art, writing, and various other methods.

  • The superconscious mind is a higher connection to spirit. It observes everything and ensures that karma is balanced. It works behind the scenes to write the play and draw to each individual that which they need for their highest growth. This is the mechanism for ensuring that each individual gets what they need. This mechanism operates behind the scenes. It looks at what the individual believes, and what karma is outstanding, and decides what events would offer the greatest growth. These events get put into the script. Actually, it may be simpler than this. If all possibilities are actualized in consciousness, then all that is needed is to guide the individual to choices that are for the highest growth. This may be conscious or subconscious depending on how well the individual has developed listening skills. The inner voice or intuition are typical vehicles through which this part is expressed.

The ego has responsibility for keeping the body aligned with physical reality. Ultimately the ego is the physical awareness of the self. The main task in getting spirit more fully expressed is to get the ego to expand its identity by incorporating other aspects of physical consciousness into its framework of being. This requires recognizing that these parts exist, learning how to listen, taking the time to listen, learning how to translate and understand inner information, learning to trust inner information and consider it in making decisions, and learning to trust and rely on inner guidance as direction from spirit. It takes strong motivation for an individual to do this. To a large degree it requires renouncing much of the outside world and instead focusing on the inner world. For most people, attachment to the outer world is too strong to permit this shift of focus.

It is not clear that everyone needs this shift. Those beings who are to be the equivalent of the brain for cosmic consciousness will need a high level of understanding in this area. It is through their evolved consciousnesses that their link to cosmic consciousness will occur physically. It is not clear how many will be required, but whoever they are, they are becoming aware that they have a role to play and that they must prepare for the part. In some cases, multiple potential players may be auditioning for the same part. Free will is a major factor. Development is never forced, it is always chosen. One cannot tell exactly when lessons will be learned. Consciousness enacts all possibilities. Particular individuals are confined to the role their ego is associated with. A life is made up of choices taken and realizations made. What truly matters in life is what one realizes [Real I -zes]. The objective is to get the ego to realize that it is truly spirit and that most of what it sees as reality [Real I -ty] is nothing but its own creation.

We usually say that the ego is the "I". Manifesting spirit in flesh involves evolving the "I" to the "Real I". Some say this "Real I" is centered between the eyebrows, at the place of the third eye or where the pineal gland is. This seems like a balanced place that would be appropriate. The chakras have something to do with this as well. I, personally, am not versed enough in such subjects to know nor interested enough to find out on my own. My focus is on the functionality at the high level, not on the details. What I have concluded, however, is that the organs are already in place within the body for spirit to be more fully enfleshed -- in fact, many are already operating. The problem is a lack of conscious awareness, and a failure to tune in to the subtle frequencies at which these organs operate.

As an example of spirit operating in flesh, consider the action of speaking. The ego lives solely in the moment. It may think about past or future, but it must do so in the present. When one begins to speak, the words form instantaneous in the moment. Unless the speech is memorized, there is no conscious knowledge in the moment of the words to be spoken -- yet they come out smoothly and effortlessly as if on cue. Something is driving the specific words however. If its not the conscious mind than what is it? I've been astonished at some of the ideas that came out of my mouth. They were new to me, as if I was hearing and thinking them for the very first time. Something inside me knew enough to make my mouth move properly. My conclusion was that our consciousness is much more complex and powerful than we can comprehend. Only part of it exists within time and space. The grander part of it exists in some eternal HERE and NOW.

When you think about it, we truly only exist where we can act and make choices. The only place and time that meets this condition is here and now. The moment is our only point of power in physical reality. The ego only exists here and now, and ceases to exist for about a third of each day during sleep. It's interesting that we allow the ego as much authority as we do. It seems obvious that our sleeping reality is just as real as our waking one. The fact that one is twice the length of the other has no bearing on its relative importance.

The scientific world view only considers the world of the senses to be reality. Many individuals trained in the western world have been taught that this is true. Little to no attention is paid to the inner reality of spirit. This must change for the Age of Aquarius to begin. A large body of people must start acting and sensing in the inner world just as they do in the outer. This does not mean doing one to the exclusion of the other, that is why both the East and West have failed to achieve balance and harmony in the lives of people. What is required is a balance between inner and outer. If one achieves spirituality by renouncing the outer world for the inner, one has not made the spirituality physical in a practical way. Also, it will only last so long as one has the discipline to maintain the inner focus. If one achieves prosperity through will, without spiritual insight, the prosperity will eventually consume itself or the society will suffer from great problems. The founding fathers of the United States realized this when they put the all seeing eye of God atop the pyramid in the Great Seal. Balance demands the use of the inner to guide the outer. Consciousness already does this to a great degree, but behind the scenes. It's only the ego, the aware part of consciousness, that is lacking.

The Vision

It has been estimated that we only use 10-15% of our brains, and this only by the greatest minds among us. The reason for this is because our brains were sized for handling a given amount of spirit expressed in flesh. Most of us have not developed ourselves enough to turn on large parts of this potential due to how we create and interpret our reality and where we have placed our efforts and attention. As children, we may have used much more than this. However, much of it atrophies when we stop seeing the world through the eyes of a child and start seeing it in the accepted adult way. Perhaps this is why Jesus said the we must be as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to once again use parts of our brain that allowed us to see the world and reality in a whole different way.

It's time for all of us to start living up to our potential and realize that we came explicitly to bring through as much of our spiritual essence as is possibly at this time on this planet, and further that we came to fulfill a particular function or role within a larger whole that is the collective society in which we live. As a group, we came with a larger goal of creating a vehicle in which cosmic consciousness can more fully express in flesh, not necessarily as an individual, but as a group that is operating harmoniously in a cooperatively interdependent manner.

This country, the United States, is to be the example and prototype for the establishment of a New World Order that would encompass the entire world. This would allow the Earth's consciousness to manifest more fully as well. We've talked about this before. The Founding Fathers in 1776 knew that this was true. They knew they were starting a bold new experiment that could lead to the conditions under which consciousness could manifest more fully.

Shifts of consciousness of this magnitude are required to enter the Aquarian Age. They also involve massive change in nearly all aspects of human life. These changes will come. The play has already been written. However, we still have choices to make as to how we will play out the end game. The current state is our present world with all its problems. The future state is a nearly ideal world of peace and harmony where we all have much greater freedom and powers of expression and creation. What is yet to be decided is how the transition occurs and who plays what roles. Then too, this may already be decided as well. For all we know, there is only one basic play written for us to enact, and the actors roles have already been cast. Perhaps the only choice we have is how we experience the rollercoaster ride. Some people may be terrified, others may be indifferent, others may be thrilled. It's all a matter of perception and interpretation.

The Play of Light and Dark

We can't complete this topic without discussing the play of light and dark. Spirit is Light. We are all light. Everything is light or vibration. This is confirmed by science. Creation happened with the Word, an emanation of vibration from God. We are vibrations much further down the spectrum -- but our nature is still as light. Even matter is light. Einstein got it right.

We are also in a play of light and dark, awareness and ignorance.

This is the game that consciousness plays, in a playground that is constructed of light and mirrors. This playground is our very world, and the meaning that we give to it. There is no darkness in and of itself, for all is light. However, there are shadows where the light appears to be diminished. Because awareness is the paramount feature in this realm, the battle of good versus evil comes into play as well. It's more than a battle of awareness versus ignorance. That would be too easy. The real battle zone is the gray area where people of different levels of awareness use their skills and powers for and against one another. Very powerful and knowledgeable people may arise who have no connection to heart and spirit. These offer a challenge to the forces of light, and a warning cry that the time has come to unite and get on with the dance of spirit.

There is a question regarding how much of the play is written versus how much can be altered. It really makes no difference. It should have no impact on the way one lives ones life. The bottom line is that even if it is written, unless we have special skills we have no way of reading it ahead of time. Even if we have those special skills, what can be accessed and whether what is accessed is true or false are part of the play as well. The Play is always here and now. It is not in some future that could possibly be, though at the same time it makes up that very future.

We are souls in flesh now. Though, we are limited in our conscious expression by our conscious awareness and ego. As our awareness of our true nature grows, we rise in consciousness to become the spiritual beings we truly are, and that all are meant to be in accord with the Plan. The Plan is what drives the play, it's the major theme behind everything. It's the overall purpose that drives our purposes as individual. The Plan must be executed. Such is the directive of spirit. Free will may enter to choose various things within the Play, but the Play always conforms with the Plan.

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