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Beyond Imagination Chapter 1:
A Prelude to the Changing Times

We have chosen to live in some wild and exciting times. The pace of change in all areas of life is very fast -- quickly moving towards astronomical. The decade of the 90's will bring more change to our world than has been experienced in many centuries. We are riding on a wave, a wave that has truly reached tidal proportions -- and it will dramatically impact all areas of our lives, as we know them.

In the coming years, it will seem as if the very foundations of our society and our world are crumbling before our eyes. Trust your inner sensing, for this is indeed exactly what is going on. We are already seeing this happen, right now -- the weather, the governments, the religious institutions, the education systems, the health care systems, the family, the economy, the ecology of the planet -- literally all aspects of our lives are in tremendous turmoil. All of our social systems are facing huge problems, problems for which they have neither the resources nor ability to address. And, it has only just begun!

The bottom line is that we have reached a breakpoint where the core beliefs at the foundation of most of our social systems and organizations no longer work. They no longer serve us! The key factor in this is that after a long period of growth, we have reached some of the limits of our planet; limits that can not and will not be ignored. We have neglected the key principle of the Tao, balance and harmony in all things. We have forgotten that we are fellow travelers, jointly occupying spaceship Earth. And, for that, we are paying and will continue to pay a heavy toll. Whoever said that ignorance is bliss, was dead wrong when it comes to issues on a global scale.

The great seers of the past all foresaw this time. They saw it as the destruction of the world, armageddon. What they failed to understand, however, was that out of the ashes of the old, a new world would arise -- one that was beyond anything that they could even imagine, for the very foundation was so alien to them that it could not be expressed in their visions. Our perspective, now, is much wider than theirs, allowing us to dream of things that were not possible in the past, and from these dreams to manifest a world and way of being that is truly beyond imagination.

The challenges that lie ahead are monumental. But, collectively, we have everything we need to not only face, but to overcome these challenges and to create a better world, in the process, for all beings who choose to remain here. However, cooperation will have to supersede competition as the chief motivating factor in human endeavors. This will not be an easy transition for the majority of those in power at this time. We are truly at the crossroads of a new age, and it is our choices in the coming decade that will determine the character of how that age is expressed.

Yes, the current economic systems will fall sharply, as they increasingly fail to meet the economic needs of those they are meant to serve. We've already seen the fall of communism as a viable economy, at least in the form practiced in the former USSR -- capitalism is not far behind, especially as practiced in the USA. As we'll see later, the principles upon which our current economic systems are founded are deeply flawed. They do not permit a global economy that is fair to all, and they do not operate from a true sense of integrity.

The current governments will fall, as well -- for they no longer meet the needs of the governed. Here too, the cause is that the principles upon which these governments are founded are deeply flawed. But, we'll get to this later as well. One of the major factors, however, is that we, the people have relinquished our responsibility to govern ourselves, and to create the appropriate circumstances and environment in which to learn, grow, and develop to our highest potentials; and live, work, and play in a manner that is aligned to our spirits and ultimate happiness. We create our own reality! We are responsible for all that we experience! There is nothing external to blame. We are seeing and experiencing the direct results of our own choices. Yes, each and every one of us.

There is a bright side to this as well. We have chosen to live at a time in which the possibilities are unlimited. We can create our world to be whatever we want it to be, collectively -- and we can do so within as short as a decade. At no other time in history has humanity been in such a position to so dramatically change its experience of life so quickly. The speed at which new ideas can manifest now is simple awesome. Just look at the changes in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union that have occurred in the past few years alone. These are just a small sample of what lies ahead.

Now, this is unlikely to be an easy transition. But, fortunately, the overall consciousness is ready for massive change. This readiness, this preparedness, this openness will be instrumental in pulling us through. However, the way is not yet certain. The innovative ideas, principles, and social constructs required for a true New World Order have yet to be dreamed, imagined, created, explored, and made manifest.

As an individual, flexibility will be extremely important in the days to come, as will intuition and knowingness. I strongly advise that you take steps now to "know thyself", as intimately and as accurately as is possible for you. For, knowing your abilities, your talents, your capabilities, your strengths and your weaknesses -- these will be extremely important to not only your happiness, but to your very survival as well. Further, it would benefit you to begin to create mutual support groups around you. For, the interdependence and cooperation among these groups, these chosen "extended families", will also determine the quality of your life during the coming times, and possibly whether you will survive or not. Unless your selfhood is expanded to include others, you will not make it through, I can almost guarantee it.

Think of yourself as a traveler, an explorer, about to embark on the most exciting and challenging adventure that you will ever take. For, in many respects, that is exactly what you are and what you are about to do. But, make haste, there is very little time in which to prepare, and the only thing that you can bring is whom that you are. It behooves you to know just what that is. It also behooves you to know more about the people immediately around you -- for, at some point, you may need to rely on their abilities, skills, knowingness, and talents as well.

Now, those of you who need security, you may want to look deep within and find a source of security inside yourself, for in the journey ahead it may be impossible to find it anywhere outside. Security usually is accompanied by stability -- you know, like the rock; and, in the midst of all the changes ahead, such stability will be very rare, that is, if indeed it even exists at all. You may want to experiment with ways of remaining secure within extreme mobility. For, mobile you will surely be, as the adventure takes you into new lands and new worlds.

It is not necessary that you understand, or that you accept or believe, anything that I say. I offer unto you my vision of what stands before us. It is not my intent to argue with you, or to convince you that I am right. This is my vision, period. You may also want to see what some others have to say about this. I recommend that you start with Ramtha, Breakpoint and Beyond, Powershift, or Upcoming Changes: The Next 20 Years. The bottom line is: accept what you will, what feels right to you. Ultimately, all that really matters is utility. If the ideas and concepts I present empower you and enable you to act, create, and make better decisions during these changing times, by all means, use them. If not, throw them away and replace them with others that work for you.

Also, if I step on beliefs that you hold sacred, or go too far into Woo-Woo land for those of you that hold your left brain abilities in high esteem -- don't take it personally. It might help if you retain an attitude of curiosity about why I might have such a strange, sacrilegious, or foolish belief at all. You can bet that if I believe it there is some reason for doing so, and that reason is usually one of usefulness. Remember, in both science and metaphysics (or religion), truth is generally not the issue, beliefs do not deal with the realm of fact or truth. What matters is utility. Does the belief serve you, or does it not! Beliefs are tools through which we create and experience reality, period. They do not require proof. For, if there is already proof, there is no room for belief. Further, I take my beliefs seriously, as long as I hold them -- but, I also change them frequently. I'd advise you to do the same. Remember, after all, we are here to play, beliefs are our playground -- and reality creation is one of the best games around.

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