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As a person starts to transform, their consciousness, by necessity, separates from that of the mass of people. Consequently many, many people following their own spiritual path through life, find themselves lonely, misunderstood and even quite isolated.
We address this need to belong as the primary purpose of the Trans4mind Association... to provide an inspiring, well funded place where open-hearted people can meet, enjoy inspiring company, be part of the same empowering training and coaching experience, and work together to contribute to one inspiring global vision.
Associates benefit from our online training and coaching, and spread the word about Trans4mind and our wealth of free personal development resources and paid for training. As each person does this they develop their own individual life purpose, which runs in parallel with and reinforces the purpose and vision of Trans4mind.
Then by being a member of the Association the person is empowered and supported to live out those values and fullfil on their life purpose, even if it runs counter to peer pressure and societal norms.
The Trans4mind Association operates in the real world, person-to-person. There are two primary routes to becoming an Associate...
  1. Directly through
    When you have successfully started Trans4mind Training then you can apply to become an Associate by visiting first the Wallace Huey Association page and then fill in your application. If this is successful, and after a period within Wallace's Association, you can go on to create your own Association and be an Association Host. You would run real-world group meetings for individuals that you have personally introduced to the Training.
  2. Through a personal introduction by a Trans4mind Associate
    Alternatively, you may be personally introduced to Trans4mind Training by a person who is already an Associate - maybe a Professional Associate. After a one-to-one presentation to explain the services that are available, this Associate would invite you to begin Trans4mind Training. He or she would support your training experience and help you prepare to eventually become an Associate yourself.
At Association meetings, the Host answers questions about the Training and Coaching, demonstrates how to make the most of all the resources at Trans4mind, and everyone shares their insights and successes.
After starting your training, you can become an Associate yourself and introduce your own personal contacts (family, friends or colleagues) to the benefits of Trans4mind - and if you want, after a learning period, to start your own Association.
In addition, the Trans4mind Association - the umbrella organization of Trans4mind Ltd - supports individual Association Hosts to be better able to share Trans4mind in their community, to contribute to the website and, by making the human heart visible, get to be the change they wish to see in the world.
This is what we call...
The Only Revolution
“The Trans4mind Association is a must and will catch on very quickly. I feel in my heart Trans4mind will be the biggest personal development company in the world.
    “I will become a Trans4mind Associate in the next month. I feel Trans4mind is an essential training - a must for everybody.
    “I have lost up to two stone in weight because of Trans4mind helping me to focus over the past 7-8 weeks. The proof is in the pudding. A huge thank you to the Trans4mind Team and to Wallace Huey.” ~ Eireann Gilbert
Trans4mind Association

Counselors, psychotherapists, life coaches and others…

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  • Introduce your clients to a comprehensive personal development education
  • Assist them to implement the self-chosen concrete steps following on from our workshops, that will transform their life
  • Greatly improve the value your practice offers clients
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